When I am true to my inspiration, and devoted to effort, the project always turns out well.

Passion and Devotion

THE QUESTION what we saw

How to reduce the environmental pollution from wastewater produced in the country. The principal beneficiaries of the project will be the residents along Wadi downstream who will no longer be affected by uncontrolled raw sewage flowing into the Wadi.

This will give care to the health of people in the region.
How to achieve management for wastewater.

THE SOLUTION what we did

The project is comprised of three components. Component 1, wastewater treatment infrastructure, providing secondary treatment with a design set capacity per day in the first phase. Component 2, sustainable management, operation, and maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Plant, train and build the capacity of Management Department, in order to be covering the operation and maintenance (O&M) of the plant during a five year time-frame. Component 3, project management, monitoring and evaluation and master plan implementation planning.

When you find your work turned to be with benifits to humans, that will be the time when you realize it was done effortlessly.


When you have to draw a line, draw it right, neat and exact. Then wait to find it attracts all righteous around.

- Kamal EID